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Article: Collagen & expression lines.

Le collagène & les lignes d’expression.

Collagen & expression lines.

Collagen is a very important protein for living organisms. It has structural properties, and gives strength and elasticity to the skin, bones, muscles, cartilage and even ligaments.

Our body synthesizes it naturally, but its production decreases with age. In addition, collagen degrades, for example under the influence of sunlight or pollution. Decreased collagen synthesis contributes, among other factors, to the appearance of expression lines or wrinkles.

It is possible to provide collagen to our body to fight against skin aging, for example through food supplements. However, these supplements are produced from animal remains: bovine carcasses, or waste from the fishing industry (we then call it “marine collagen”). It is therefore a very questionable practice, both from an ethical and health point of view. In addition, these supplements are quickly eliminated by the body and their effects are therefore temporary.

Another way to combat skin aging is to stimulate our body's ability to naturally synthesize more collagen. We prefer this method, and we use, for example, rice peptides to achieve this.

Rice is rich in amino acids and peptides. Peptides are components of a protein formed by a chain of two or more amino acids. Rice peptides activate the natural synthesis of collagen, which contributes to the reduction of wrinkles and expression lines, thus preventing skin aging. They provide softness, elasticity and tone to the skin.

The Night Cream contains rice peptides converted into molecules smaller than cells, allowing the skin to absorb them completely. Its nourishing formula and creamy texture are suitable for sensitive and delicate skin.

It's a non-invasive way to combat expression lines.