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Article: The hidden side of samples

La face cachée des échantillons

The hidden side of samples

Why don't we produce samples?

The main reason is environmental. Samples are a significant source of waste, often plastic or aluminum. It seems irresponsible to us to produce complete packaging to include only 2 ml of product, when we know that only 9% of this packaging is recycled worldwide.

Samples pollute, and they have a significant impact on the price of the product.

The other reason is economic. Contrary to what many may think, samples are not free. Their production cost is even very high, and it is included in the price of normal format products. So the customers who buy the products end up paying the bill, not those who use the samples.

Finally, 2 ml of product is not enough to really test a skin care product; a sample only gives a partial and ephemeral idea.

We are betting on responsible consumption!