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We promote a simple beauty, centered on self-care.

Onérique goes beyond the gesture of applying cream; it is a concept around skincare, powerful and attractive, oriented towards well-being. We want to make skin care a daily moment of happiness.
Happiness is inside us, not outside. It does not depend on what we have, but on what we are.


Founded in 2017, Onérique was born from a simple idea: a woman is beautiful when she feels good.

We are a young French brand, independent and a little dreamy , dedicated to skin care.

Happiness often comes from the small things, so we have created a range of clean and elegant skincare, which awakens delicate and pleasant sensations. We offer simple skincare routines, without compromise between effectiveness, well-being, and responsibilit.

Glorimar, founder of Onérique.


Our inspiration is a woman who speaks directly and honestly.

She dresses with style but is not obsessed with her image. Her look is gracefully simple, her smile is her best accessory. She is interested in trends; she does not always follow them. She is responsible and attentive to the impact of her actions.

She follows her own path; she prefers leading rather than following but does not need to shine to feel complete. Her simplicity and authenticity are her greatest assets.


We are committed to clean and responsible beauty. We offer perfectly safe products whose environmental footprint is controlled.

We adhere to European regulation CE 1223/2009, the strictest in the world regarding cosmetics. Our active ingredients are of natural origin, without GMOs, carcinogens, nanomaterials or parabens. We do not do animal testing.

We primarily use glass, and our carboard packaging are FSC certified. We do not use cellophane, and we do not produce samples. We take care of our supply chain, and we offset our carbon emissions.


The creation of our cosmetics is complex. Behind the scenes, we work hand in hand with experts with recognized know-how and experience. Our production is 100% in France. All of our suppliers are in the European Union.

We pay attention to details. Our formulas, but also the textures, the fragrances, the shapes of our bottles and even our visual identity are carefully chosen so that the use of our products is simple, pleasant and fresh.

What for? To take care of your skin. Quite simply.

Beauty is a state of mind