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The Day Ritual

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Cleans, brightens and hydrates the skin.

An effective beauty routine to enhance your skin easily every day. The Day Ritual is made up of 3 essential treatments that will leave your skin cleansed, illuminated, hydrated and protected. Start your day with a real moment of well-being, taking care of yourself has never been so pleasant.

Micellar Water cleans in a single gesture

Cleansing your skin regularly is the secret to healthy skin. Slightly mineralized, our Micellar Water eliminates impurities from the face, neck and eyes and leaves the skin clean, replenished and toned. Its marine water base, with revitalizing properties, provides minerals and trace elements essential to the skin's natural radiance. Effective and easy, there is no need to rinse it.

Les Jolies Perles: luminous and protected skin

These marine pearls blend into a serum that illuminates and enhances the skin, giving an instant boost of radiance. Les Jolies Perles contain alginates which create a protective film against pollution, giving a real second skin effect. Healthy glow guaranteed with this serum which instantly brings luminosity to your skin and prepares it for the rest of your facial care routine.

Cotton Cream: moisturize and mattify your skin

A moisturizing, mattifying and antioxidant cotton foam for the face. Its velvet texture is airy, light and enveloping. The skin is our barrier against external aggressions; when it is dehydrated, it is more fragile, less flexible, and its protection decreases. Choosing a good facial moisturizer is one of the most important beauty gestures. The natural active ingredients in La Crème Coton provide comfort, softness, and improve skin firmness.

A real spa at home

Beauty begins with self-care. Awakening the senses, taking a moment for yourself, and treating yourself are essential actions. Our products offer a unique emotional design that transforms your skincare routine into a true moment of well-being, soothing and indulgent, with a simple objective: to make skincare a little joy in your daily life.

All our products are designed and manufactured in France.

The Day Ritual
The Day Ritual Sale price€135,00