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The Caress

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Moisturizing and nourishing body butter.

A body cream with an enveloping texture designed to offer you a unique sensory experience. Formulated with ultra-nourishing active ingredients such as mango butter, shea butter and vegetable oils, it provides intense hydration and a sensation of incomparable softness.

The benefits of La Caresse for your skin

  • Intensely nourishes the skin: The combination of mango butter and shea butter deeply nourishes the epidermis. The essential fatty acids and vitamins they contain revitalize the skin, leaving it soft and supple.
  • Gently protects: The anti-inflammatory and healing properties of shea butter strengthen the skin barrier and offer protection against external aggressions, while mango butter and jojoba oil soften the skin, giving it a feeling of comfort durable and a velvety touch.
  • Deep hydration upon application: Thanks to jojoba oil and a complex of 3 vegetable waxes, La Caresse penetrates quickly into the skin and ensures instant and lasting hydration. The ceramides in jojoba oil help keep skin naturally hydrated.

Incredible nature at the service of care

Made up of 99.2% ingredients of natural origin, La Caresse is a concentrate of what nature does best, a true magic potion for your skin. Mango butter is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins. Shea butter is a powerful antioxidant with anti-aging properties. Jojoba oil softens and preserves skin hydration. Plant waxes enhance the moisturizing effectiveness of the product, ensuring skin radiates health and vitality.

A real daily beauty ritual

We designed La Caresse with a unique emotional design. Its creamy and infinitely soft texture and its light fragrance with notes of exotic fruits with a touch of caramel give it its unique sensoriality. The application of La Caresse is a real moment of well-being, a soothing and comforting daily beauty ritual, a special moment that invites you to gently take care of yourself. The feeling of comfort for the skin and its velvety touch will stay with you for a long time. Because a caress can relieve everything.

Made in France with love

La Caresse embodies the know-how and excellence of French cosmetics. Its eco-designed glass and wood packaging demonstrates our commitment to responsible beauty, which goes to the essential: self-care.

Don't wait to give your skin the care it deserves, and let yourself be carried away by its incomparable sensoriality and effectiveness. La Caresse will quickly become an essential part of your skincare routine.

Suitable for all skin types.


The Caress
The Caress Sale price€99,00

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Texture très agréable onctueuse penetre super vite et hydrate bien je recommande et je rachete.

Sophie Khiri
Mon chouchou !

Je suis sous le charme entre le packaging qui est absolument merveilleux et la texture qui est onctueuse tout. Et son parfum envoûtant c’est devenu mon produit ultime chaque fois que je l’applique. Je passe un merveilleux moment.

Mon rituel après le bain

Le soir qiand j'arrive du boulot je prends toujours une bonne douche et je complète mon rituel avec la crène caresse. Si bien elle est très riche et dense à prenière vue de qu'on l'étale sur le corps elle s'absorbe tout de suite en laissant une vrai sensatiin d'hydratation et en procurant en effet soie sur la peau et ce qui m'a captivé et que l'effet dure toute la journée. Elle fait partie de mon quotidien.

ça s'absorbe instantanément

je la recommande vraiment pour l'hydratation. je sens que ma peau respire et au même temps elle est tonique et hydraté. j'adore

Mélanie L
La caresse : un superbe soin pour le corps

La caresse est un superbe soin pour le corps. Son packaging verre et bois est magnifique. Sa texture beurre est très agréable à appliquer sur la peau. Ce soin nourrit parfaitement ma peau extrêmement sèche. Son parfum est léger et délicat. C'est un soin que j'ai adopté au quotidien.