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Article: Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty

We go beyond greenwashing; we make natural cosmetics, but above all clean beauty . What does it mean ?

We do simple things, and we do them well.

We create 100% safe products, and we love natural active ingredients.

No dogmatism, simply a genuine concern for the safety and experience of our customers. We do our research and we rely on European legislation, the strictest in the world regarding the design and manufacture of cosmetic products (EC1223/2009). Free from carcinogens, genetically modified organisms, nanoparticles, parabens, etc. Allergens are strictly indicated. We do not do animal testing.

We use as many natural ingredients as possible (Les Jolies Perles, for example, contain 97.8% natural ingredients and are 100% vegan). However, we have decided to tolerate certain carefully chosen synthetic ingredients when they improve safety or the experience of our customers. Ultimately, we want to make people happy, and although we believe in the power of nature to do so, why refuse a little help from science?

We take our commitment to responsible consumption seriously.

We pay very close attention to our environmental impact, we have a 360° approach (we don't just look at the product). Our bottles are made of glass, as often as possible. When we use plastics (for lids for example), we ensure that they are recyclable. As glass manufacturing is particularly electricity-intensive, we produce our bottles in a factory powered 100% by renewable energy.

We don't make samples (a full package for 2 ml of product, seriously?). Our cases are made from FSC® certified cardboard (from sustainably managed forests) and printed with vegetable inks. We do not cellophane (overwrap in plastic film) our products.

Our transport cycles are short (all our suppliers are in Europe). And as we cannot, despite all our efforts, achieve zero impact, we invest part of our turnover in carbon offset projects.

We are transparent.

We do what we say, we say what we do. We follow the rules and we don't take shortcuts.

We haven't invented any magical or revolutionary ingredients. We also don't grow plants in our garden to make our cosmetics (no one does, in fact).

We do simple things, and we do them well.