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Article: The expert hands working behind the scenes

Les mains expertes qui œuvrent en coulisses

The expert hands working behind the scenes

Do you know who closes the boxes of your skincare products? Have you ever wondered how many hands these products pass through before reaching yours?

The manufacturing of cosmetic products is complex and involves many steps. One of them is secondary packaging, which refers to placing the product inside its cardboard case and closing it. It sounds easy, but it's not as simple as it seems.

In the case of our products, it is a 100% manual process, which requires expert and delicate hands. On the one hand, because we want a perfect result that meets our quality standards, and on the other hand, because we use very lightly treated, non-plasticized cardboard boxes, and therefore very delicate.

For the secondary packaging of our products, we have chosen to work with an ESAT: a Work Assistance Establishment or Service.

ESATs are medico-social establishments which offer people with disabilities various professional activities as well as medico-social and educational support with a view to promoting their personal and social development. They welcome people whose work capacity does not allow them to integrate into an ordinary company or an adapted company, nor to exercise an independent professional activity.

These establishments generate a very positive impact on people with disabilities and their families. They contribute to their autonomy, their financial independence and their integration into a world of work adapted to their pace.

Although the cosmetics sector may be perceived as frivolous, it is in fact a very specialized industry, of which France is one of the pioneers which employs thousands of people, requires many skills and can also open to difference. We are proud to make our modest contribution to a more inclusive, supportive and respectful society; This is part of our clean cosmetic philosophy.

If you share this philosophy and buy one of our products, before opening its case, admire it and smile because it has been closed with love and delicacy by someone who found their place despite their difference. 💚