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Article: Prepare your skin for the changing seasons

Préparez votre peau aux changements de saisons

Prepare your skin for the changing seasons

Like any other part of the body, the metabolism of the skin also changes with the seasons. It's important to adapt your skincare routine with small changes that can have big results on your skin.

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, monitored the skin of 80 volunteers over the course of a year. They observed a degradation of certain proteins with cold, which serve as a protective barrier for the skin. These results, published in the British Journal of Dermatology, explain why our cheeks turn red when in contact with the cold, but also why we suffer more from eczema and rosacea in winter. The skin barrier is obviously affected by seasonal changes, and it is important to help the skin fulfill its protective function.

If winter is scary, the shoulder seasons, spring and fall, are the most treacherous. This is when the skin prepares to adapt to the most extreme seasons. In spring, the skin releases the toxins accumulated under the epidermis during the cold season. While not all toxins are harmful, relaxing in the sauna, steam room, or with a detox ritual like The Fresh Mask , will help keep skin glowing.
In autumn, the skin has to deal with the cold and the lack of sun.

To prepare it for winter, you need to maintain good hydration and provide it with vitamins A and E which will help keep the skin glowing during the season.
Nature makes no mistakes, and vitamin A is found in seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as carrots and pumpkin. A healthy diet is a prerequisite for good skin health, and eating seasonal fruits and vegetables is good advice at any time of the year.
Vitamin E is found in oils and lipid foods, but can also be provided by a moisturizing cream ( La Crème Coton contains grapeseed oil, rich in vitamin E).

We must not forget to take care of our hands and lips, which also suffer with the onset of cold weather.